Why Your Facility Needs a DAS Remote Monitoring Service

April 23, 2021 3 minute read

Business man stressed over the functionality of his facilities distributed antenna system

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become increasingly critical as wireless technology demands continue to rise. Expanded wireless capacity is essential for increased connectivity, but only if the system operates with total efficiency. Organizations are turning to distributed antenna systems to maintain the indispensable connectivity needed to adhere to business operations. In 2020, the value of the global DAS market shot up to $7.9 billion and is expected to rise even higher to $10.7 billion by 2025.

Distributed antenna systems have been a reliable strategy for boosting signals and maintaining reliable connections in large facilities and campuses.  However, advancements to technology including intelligent distributed antenna system, remote monitoring software combined with the growing necessity to stay connected, have propelled DAS high on the list of wireless solutions. From the distributed antenna system equipment to the system’s supporting components (HVAC, UPS, access controls, public safety systems etc.), an intelligent DAS remote monitoring service will provide customer-specific monitoring and maintenance solutions powered by actionable analytics and statistics to ensure quality and reliability.

The Growing Necessity for a Robust Distributed Antenna System Remote Monitoring Software

DAS provides a comprehensive solution for large facilities and campuses where public infrastructure fails to meet building tenant network standards and expectations. Computers, wireless devices, and radios can maintain connection and functionality with DAS, but if that infrastructure isn't monitored and maintained, it won't provide the benefits it was implemented for.

With traditional unmonitored distributed antenna systems, an issue isn't known until a complaint is filed with an administrator. However, recent advancements in technology have enabled DAS remote monitoring systems to automatically survey network infrastructure to ensure functionality in a proactive manner. Large facilities and campuses that rely on device connectivity can leverage a comprehensive DAS remote monitoring service to provide a reliable network that ensures business continuity and ultimately maximizes their DAS investment.

Benefits of Implementing DAS Remote Monitoring Services

DAS can only provide additional network connectivity if it is working properly. Comprehensive remote monitoring services for distributed antenna systems provide businesses a dedicated team of experts to consistently remotely monitor and proactively address DAS infrastructure issues. The personal fleet of dedicated distributed antenna system specialists will provide metrics and analysis for further infrastructure optimization and upgrade opportunities. Here are the additional benefits facilities and campuses can expect to receive from implementing a DAS remote monitoring service for their building.

Ensure a High-Quality and Reliable Network

Public infrastructure often fails when there are large concentrations of connections in one area. Large office parks, sports arenas, hospitals, and other large facilities often find coverage from public networks insufficient. DAS systems provide a high-quality network for cellular devices, computers, and radios in their range at all times with no service gaps or interruptions. DAS remote monitoring software maintains these connections by quickly alerting engineers when any fault occurs so that they can troubleshoot problems before they arise.

Maintain Business Operations and Maximum Productivity

In today’s digital world, connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses. Businesses are increasingly using online portals and cloud technology to stay connected. Interruptions to network infrastructure can lead to a drastic reduction in productivity as workers are forced to wait until the issue is resolved. Facilities that proactively partner with an engineer, furnish and install (EF&I) service provider to implement a robust DAS remote monitoring service will ensure a reliable network infrastructure that maximizes uptime.

Proactively Resolve Problems

Since distributed antenna systems play an integral role in maintaining optimal and consistent connections for facilities, businesses need to ensure they have the proper professional support. A robust remote monitoring service provides a dedicated team of EF&I specialists to proactively monitor DAS infrastructure to resolve problems before they start. Unlike in-house IT teams that may be unfamiliar with the DAS framework, DAS technicians and engineers are experts in the technology and can leverage AI to detect anomalies, gain insights, and make remote adjustments to ensure a consistent and reliable connection.

Reduce Overall Operating Costs

While a distributed antenna system monitoring platform may seem like an extra expense, the business owners and facility managers with foresight understand the long-term cost savings. Reducing interruptions to network connections increases overall productivity and prevents costly downtime. Deploying a remote team of professionals to proactively monitor and maintain the distributed antenna system integrity allows in-house IT staff to concentrate on other important network infrastructure areas, saving businesses the time and expense of having to deal with the complicated infrastructure issues they may not be qualified in.

Complete Device Visibility

By leveraging an intelligent DAS remote monitoring platform, specialists are able to determine when and where problems are likely to arise and proactively address them before they impact businesses. They can also monitor each individual IoT device connected to the DAS for full-stack observability and end-to-end visibility. Total device visibility allows the monitoring software to track specific problems in the network and see which devices may be exacerbating or even causing the problem.

A Comprehensive DAS Remote Monitoring Service for Your Facility

DAS remote monitoring and management services provide facilities with a consistent network connection for maximum business output and worry-free reliability. DAS technicians leverage intelligent AI to provide advanced reporting so businesses can have granular metrics for any device at their fingertips and remain confident that their network is operating at peak efficiency.

Facilities that rely on a consistent and reliable connection to conduct business operations need to consider partnering with a turnkey EF&I service provider to implement a DAS in-building wireless system backed by comprehensive and intelligent remote monitoring software.


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