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Get More Bars in More Places with a Custom Cellular DAS

In a world where business functions and consumer needs are increasingly mobile, strong indoor wireless coverage is more critical than ever. A cellular distributed antenna system (DAS), also known as an in-building wireless system, is an optimal solution to address poor cellular connectivity inside your building. 

ANS offers turnkey cellular DAS design, installation, testing, preventive maintenance, and monitoring services to provide seamless connectivity for enterprises and large venues. Certified technicians will assess your facility’s needs and coverage scenario to determine the right cellular DAS solution for your facility (passive, active, hybrid, or digital). From initial RF site survey to final testing, ANS streamlines and accelerates DAS deployment, ensuring your project finishes on time and within budget while never compromising quality.


Why is Cellular DAS Important?

When your employees, tenants, customers, or stakeholders lose coverage, their dissatisfaction hurts your reputation and bottom line. While your customers rely on and expect robust wireless connectivity, it’s difficult to deliver inside many buildings and facilities due to several challenges. 


  • Proximity to cell tower
  • Physical environment and shadowing from the cell tower from mountains, valleys, trees, and other buildings 
  • Use of LEED practices and aesthetic finishes (facades featuring metallic coatings or components)
  • Density of in-building environment (walls, doors, glass, etc.)


  • Increasing demand for voice and data services is bogging down the carrier networks
  • Outside traffic patterns can impact network availability during busy times such as rush hour, lunch, or events

A cellular DAS enhances cellular signals in isolated areas such as basements, stairwells, and parking garages, providing better coverage and fewer dropped calls. With the right cellular DAS solution, your employees, building tenants, and patrons will never say, "Can you hear me now?" again.

Complete and Cost-Effective Cellular DAS Deployment Services

ANS will review your connectivity needs and design a customized solution based on your coverage environment and the parameters of your building, including size, wall types, thickness, and construction materials. After successful deployment, certified technicians will provide continuous support, preventative maintenance, and remote monitoring to ensure functionality and uptime.

RF Site Survey and Needs Assessment

RF Site Survey and Needs Assessment

  • In-depth consultation 
  • Documentation of existing infrastructure
  • RF data collection using scanner-based software 
  • A comprehensive report of findings and recommended solutions


  • RF heat maps
  • Carrier coordination 
  • Cabling and facility engineering 
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) development 
  • Design drawings (riser diagrams and floor layouts) 
  • DAS design using industry-standard iBwave software


  • Equipment placement
  • Fiber backbone installation and splicing 
  • Coax & antenna installation and termination
Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning

  • Continuous wave testing 
  • Signal balancing
  • Sweep and PIM testing 
  • Fiber test measurements
  • Compliance testing and acceptance
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Carrier integration
  • Closeout package
Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Annual RF surveys
  • Annual physical inspections 
  • 24/7 support and ticket resolution  
  • Fully-staffed in-house Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Cloud-based remote monitoring platform for stakeholder use
  • Ongoing maintenance to address coverage or capacity issues

30+ Years of Cellular DAS Experience

From Chicago to the Northeast and down the East Coast, with offices in NY, PA, OH, and IL, ANS is a single-source provider for all your cellular DAS needs. ANS has experience designing, deploying, and monitoring cellular DAS projects for complex environments, including hotels, healthcare facilities, college campuses, and sports stadiums.

Why ANS for Cellular DAS? 

ANS embodies a customer-centric approach, focusing on one project at a time to ensure your needs remain the top priority throughout each stage of cellular DAS deployment. Committed to quality and safety, ANS technicians are continually certified and undergo rigorous training to meet quality standards, manufacturer specifications, and specific regulatory standards. With extensive telecom experience, we offer complementary solutions, including public safety DAS, cell tower construction, and small cells to provide the coverage and capacity you need.

  • 24/7 responsive support
  • Licensed telecommunications contractor across multiple states 
  • Proud corporate member of NFPA and the Safer Buildings Coalition 
  • Highly-trained and certified technicians (iBwave, OSHA, RF awareness, CPR, First Aid)
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule Federal contract holder for state and local government entities

Cellular DAS FAQs

What is a Cellular DAS?
Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of spatially separated amplifiers and antenna nodes that provide wireless service within a geographic area or structure. Cellular DAS can be configured for major cellular carrier frequency bands (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) and those used in private cellular networking (CBRS).
What Type of Buildings Need Cellular DAS?

If you experience dropped calls, slow data, or a few bars within your facility, your building needs cellular DAS. An in-building wireless (IBW) solution is crucial for facilities experiencing poor coverage and heavily populated facilities with a high density of cellular wireless clients, such as sports stadiums and event venues. Here are a few types of buildings that benefit from more reliable cell coverage. 

  • Multi-use properties
  • Senior living facilities
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Educational institutions
  • Malls and retail centers
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hotels and hospitality venues
  • High-rise commercial buildings
What are the Different Types of Cellular DAS?

The four main types of cellular DAS solutions are passive, active, hybrid, and digital.  

  • Passive -  Low-maintenance, best for buildings up to 30,000 sq. ft
  • Active -  More expensive than passive or hybrid systems, best for high-traffic areas like airports and large commercial buildings over 500,000 sq ft
  • Hybrid - Scalable hybrid system using coax and fiber optics, best for medium-sized facilities   
  • Digital - More precise and less susceptible to signal interference, best for massive structures and buildings

ANS will consider your budgetary restraints and determine the most suitable DAS solution for your coverage and capacity needs.

What is 5G DAS?

5G DAS supports the distribution of 5G “New Radio” signals. DAS tailored for 5G compatibility will typically support newer frequency bands, including T-Mobile's n41 band and n77 C-Band frequencies. 5G DAS leverages modularity to enable the system to adapt to new frequency allocations as the wireless carriers expand their deployment of 5G. 

A modular approach to DAS infrastructure helps businesses protect their investment from future technological changes by allowing incremental changes and helping to avoid "rip and replace" scenarios. For the next several years, 4G will still be deployed along with 5G technologies on the same infrastructure.

What are the Advantages of Deploying 5G DAS?

There are several advantages for companies accommodating 5G into their DAS networks. Compared to 4G, 5G DAS provides:

  • Faster data speeds 
  • Higher network capacity
  • Lower latency 
  • Better support for the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices

ANS will assess your connectivity needs and deploy a 5G-ready distributed antenna system network built with scalability and future flexibility in mind.

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