Tower Structural Modifications

In-House Structural Modification and On-Site Fabrication Services

In-House Structural Modification and On-Site Fabrication Services

ANS provides comprehensive cell tower structural modifications for large wireless carriers, industry-leading tower owners, and major telecom-equipment manufacturers. Highly-skilled welder teams can fulfill advanced and specialized customer requests for towers of all types and sizes. 

From bolt-on modifications to foundation augmentations through the most complex welding projects, Comtrain-certified tower crews will complete your unique structural modification project on time while meeting all inspection requirements.

Structural Upgrades for All Types of Towers

Structural Upgrades for All Types of Towers

Certified technicians provide accelerated structural upgrades for any type of cellular tower, helping you meet evolving needs, incorporate developing technologies, and increase speed to market.

  • 5G towers and custom structures
  • Monopole, self-support, and guyed towers
  • Pre-existing structures (buildings, rooftops, water tanks, silos) 
  • Stealth tower solutions (flagpole, pine tree, church steeple, bell tower) 

Vast Range of Structural Upgrades to Suit Your Modification Needs

Whether you need to add additional carriers, fortify damaged areas, or upgrade antennas, certified climbers can efficiently install various structural modifications to meet your targeted needs.

  • Tower and foundation mapping
  • Structural analysis
  • On-site fabrication
  • Post-modification inspections
  • 5G-driven structural upgrades
  • Guy wire changeouts
  • Split pipe and angle swaps
  • Flat plate installs
  • Bolt-on modifications
  • Foundation modifications
  • Tower plumb and tension
  • Antenna mount modifications
  • Anchor upgrades

Why ANS?

If it’s telecom-related, ANS touches it. Certified technicians provide complete and cost-effective tower services including construction, inspections, structural modifications, and preventative maintenance for some of the nation’s largest wireless carriers. With extensive telecom experience, we offer complementary solutions such as small cells and distributed antenna systems to ensure you have the coverage and capacity you need.

ANS embodies a customer-centric approach, focusing on one project at a time to ensure your needs remain the top priority throughout each stage of cell tower development. Without ever sacrificing quality or safety, each project is completed to customer specifications on time and on budget. Tower technicians undergo continuous training to meet rigorous quality standards, manufacturer specifications, and specific regulatory standards such as TIA, FAA, and FCC.

  • 24/7 responsive support
  • Rapid trouble ticket resolution 
  • End-to-end project management 
  • Over three decades of structural modification experience 
  • Licensed telecommunications contractor across multiple states 
  • New York State OGS centralized contract holder for electrical services  
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule Federal contract holder for state and local government entities
  • Highly-trained and certified technicians (ComTrain, NATE, OSHA, RF awareness, CPR, First Aid)

Get 5G-ready with accelerated structural modification services

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