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Scalable and Cost-Effective DC Power Systems Tailored to Suit Your Application

ANS provides complete cradle-to-grave DC power services, including design, installation, testing, maintenance, and decommissioning services for telecom, broadband, utility, enterprise, and other low-voltage applications. Whether your facility needs a battery replacement, upgrade or a complete DC plant buildout, our dedicated team of highly-trained technicians will ensure the successful deployment of your custom-built DC power solution.

30+ Years of DC Power System Experience

From Chicago to the Northeast and down the East Coast, with offices in NY, PA, OH, and IL, ANS is a single-source provider for all your DC power needs. Our service area includes:

  • NYC
  • Detroit, MI
  • Albany, NY
  • New Jersey 
  • Columbus, OH
  • Philadelphia, PA

Project Management

Dedicated project managers provide a single point of contact for your DC power project to ensure ongoing communication and seamless execution. With extensive experience within various industries including telecommunications, industrial, and enterprise, our team of highly trained technicians ensures DC power projects are completed on time and within budget.

  • Quality audit
  • Estimating and budgets
  • Environmental buildout
  • Site surveys, analysis & supervision
Project Management Project Management

DC Power Plant Installation

Simplify complex DC power plant installations in specialized and technical environments including data centers, server rooms, telecom cellular sites, remote locations, and space-restricted facilities. Certified critical power specialists streamline installation and reduce ongoing operational costs through optimal power system design.

  • UPS additions 
  • DC bus-duct additions
  • BDFB and BDCBB upgrades
  • NEMA rated enclosures in various sizes 
  • 24 and 48V stand-alone DC power system installations 
  • Ancillary equipment installations (racking, cables, ladders, or other hardware)
Installation Installation

Test and Turn-Up Services

Enhance system reliability with routine inspection and battery testing. Comprehensive test and turn-up services ensure your DC power system is activated, ready for use, and compliant with industry standards.

  • Thermographs
  • Alarm verifications
  • Connection inspections
  • Battery capacity testing
Test and Turn-Up Services Test and Turn-Up Services

DC Power Plant Maintenance

DC power systems must be proactively maintained to ensure long-term success. Maximize battery life and address potential power problems before they arise with 24/7 DC power plant maintenance services including:

  • Impedance testing
  • Customized reports
  • Thermal scan analysis
  • Drawing purification plans
  • AC and DC distribution updates 
  • Capacity and back-up power analysis
  • Equipment audits and proactive replacements
Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

End of Service Life (EOSL)

Seamlessly decommission, migrate, expand, or upgrade your existing DC power plant without interruption to your service. EOSL programs identify and replace obsolete technology with new state-of-the-art DC power systems to ensure your equipment remains as up-to-date as possible.

  • Comprehensive battery recycling program 
  • Battery replacement services for major manufacturer models
  • Expedited DC power plant relocation without loss of connectivity 
  • EPA-compliant battery disposal (VRLA, Wet Cell, NiCd, & Lithium-ion)
End of Service Life (EOSL) End of Service Life (EOSL)

Supplying Critical DC Power Across Industries

Data Center & I.T

Data Center & I.T

DC power systems ensure continuous data center operation, safeguarding critical data and preventing costly downtime. By utilizing DC power, data centers can optimize energy utilization, reduce heat generation, and enhance overall efficiency.



The telecom industry heavily relies on DC power to support their network infrastructure including cellular towers, switching equipment, and other critical network components. DC power plays a vital role in providing backup power during outages, ensuring uninterrupted communication services.

Cable & Broadband

Cable & Broadband

DC power systems provide reliable power to amplifiers, nodes, and other network equipment, ensuring consistent and high-quality transmission of data signals. By utilizing DC power, cable and broadband providers can overcome voltage drop issues, reduce energy costs, and improve overall network performance.

Electric Utility & Switchgear

Electric Utility & Switchgear

DC power systems are utilized for critical applications such as substation protection, control, and monitoring. These systems provide a stable and reliable source of power for various equipment, including relays, circuit breakers, and control systems.


DC Power Plant Replacement & Upgrade

Learn how ANS replaced and upgraded an existing DC power plant at a public safety radio site while avoiding any interruption to service.

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Why ANS?

ANS designs scalable and energy-efficient critical power systems tailored to meet the demands of specialized telecommunication, industrial, utility, and commercial applications. A one-stop-shop for all your critical power needs, licensed electricians analyze runtime requirements, environment, and space restrictions to engineer the optimal system for your situation.

DC power technicians are continuously trained to meet rigorous quality standards. All of our DC power services adhere to manufacturer specifications and specific regulatory standards such as NEC, NFPA, IEEE, Bellcore, and BICSI.

  • Custom DC power solutions
  • In-house design capabilities
  • Deep DC & AC power expertise 
  • Licensed electrical contractor across multiple states 
  • Services major brands of DC power systems
  • Certified technicians dedicated to quality and safety 
  • Specializes in a wide variety of industries and technical environments
  • Highly modular and configurable solutions to address diverse needs and future growth

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