What is Remote Monitoring for DAS In-Building Wireless?

September 08, 2021 2 minute read

Employee using remote monitoring software for distributed antenna system (DAS)

In-building wireless solutions such as distributed antenna systems (DAS) - provide businesses and facility owners a crucial solution to insufficient connectivity coverage. Commercial spaces, office buildings, and venues of all sizes can leverage in-building wireless (IBW) and outdoor-building wireless (OBW) systems to distribute enhanced wireless connections to all cellular devices. A reliable DAS wireless solution simplifies the complexities of in-building cell coverage and avoids dropped calls, lost signals, and low latency connections.

Facility owners have unique needs to address for code compliance, tenant connectivity, and automation. ANS in-building experts will determine the best solution for your facility, whether a distributed antenna system (DAS), small cell system for 4G and 5G connectivity, public safety repeater for emergency services, private LTE, 5G solution, or an optimized Wi-Fi system.

In-building wireless offers clear benefits, but how can businesses and facilities receive them if they’re unsure their DAS is working correctly? This is where the importance of remote monitoring comes into play. Businesses and facility owners can leverage sophisticated DAS monitoring software to ensure their in-building wireless networks consistently performs at an optimal level.

Here is a general overview of the versatile capabilities of DAS monitoring software.

What is DAS Remote Monitoring Software?

A remote monitoring solution for DAS in-building wireless enables businesses and facility managers to remotely monitor their network infrastructure to proactively resolve issues before they arise, effectively extending the lifespan of DAS equipment and reducing operating costs for site visits and repairs.

A comprehensive DAS remote monitoring solution will have the capability to provide end-to-end equipment visibility and advanced custom reporting. Versatile DAS monitoring software leverages real-time AI-powered insights to detect anomalies and proactively manage DAS infrastructure. When an issue does arise, a trouble ticket will be automatically generated and sent to an intuitive centralized dashboard, reducing resolution time. Depending on the dashboard provider, a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) receives the trouble ticket notification, and an in-building wireless expert is immediately deployed to resolve the issue.

A robust DAS management system will also include capabilities including but not limited to:

  • Analysis of DAS equipment alarms
  • Visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Remote access to equipment’s native interface through a centralized platform

Ultimately, intelligent remote monitoring systems like our Peel-it SaaS monitoring platform give businesses confidence that their complex in-building wireless networks are continually operating at peak performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific DAS equipment a comprehensive remote monitoring software can manage and the types of venues that can benefit from a DAS remote monitoring solution.

DAS Equipment and Devices

The right remote monitoring solution for DAS in-building wireless should have the capability to monitor a variety of DAS equipment, including but not limited to:

  • DAS trays
  • Repeaters
  • Generators
  • Battery backup
  • Security equipment
  • Network devices (IoT)
  • Public safety systems
  • Smart building controls/Climate control

Venues That Benefit From DAS In-Building Wireless Remote Monitoring

Every facility has unique characteristics with its own set of network challenges. Regardless of industry, facilities of all sizes can ensure uninterrupted connectivity with a DAS in-building wireless remote monitoring solution including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • University campuses
  • Enterprise campuses
  • Professional sports stadiums
  • Logistics & manufacturing

Maintain Peak Network Efficiency and Reliability with a DAS Remote Monitoring Solution 

The right remote monitoring solution ensures your DAS and supporting equipment continuously perform the way they should and proactively alerts you when an issue arises. With the Peel-it SaaS Monitoring platform, businesses and facility managers can easily monitor DAS infrastructure by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT to proactively identify issues and continually optimize end-to-end system performance from an intuitive centralized platform.

Facilities that rely on a consistent and reliable connection to conduct business operations benefit from partnering with a turnkey EF&I service provider to implement a DAS in-building wireless system backed by comprehensive and intelligent remote monitoring software.

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