Strong Wireless Coverage is a Must for Your Open Floor Plan Office

August 15, 2018 2 minute read

Open floor office using in-building wireless solutions.

Open floor plan offices may be facing controversy, but there’s no denying they’re a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. More businesses than ever are favoring open spaces that encourage collaboration and face-to-face communication.

One potential drawback of the trend, however, is the lack of wireless connectivity. Multi-tenant buildings and office towers with large square footage notoriously struggle to provide the seamless wireless connectivity that is critical for doing business today.

For building owners, a lack of coverage could hold up potential new leases or cause current tenants to relocate instead of renew. Poor connectivity for businesses could result in missed sales opportunities or frustrated customers.  

Here are a few reasons strong, reliable wireless coverage is a must-have for today’s open offices.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture is the norm

People no longer show up at the office and use company-owned desktop computers and desk phones as their primary work devices. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an increasingly popular working style.

From laptops to tablets to smartphones, employees want the freedom and flexibility to switch between their own devices. While the benefits of BYOD are great—saving money on tech overhead, increasing employee satisfaction, and utilizing the latest technology—those benefits are only realized if the enterprise’s wireless network can handle the heavier load.

Pair BYOD culture with the trend of open floor plan offices, and the issue of strong wireless connectivity comes to the forefront. Can your existing cabling and network infrastructure support the rapidly changing ways employees are using wifi?  And can your wifi support the requirements of more employees utilizing voice and video applications?    

Emails, video chats and conference calls can happen anywhere

Companies are learning quickly that constant connectivity is a business necessity. With the myriad of ways to keep in touch today, a reliable wireless connection is critical—especially because advancing technology tools demand more bandwidth than ever.

In open floor plan offices, it can be especially challenging to find a peaceful place to take a call or a video chat. If wireless coverage drops off everywhere other than the most populated places, employees and customers alike will find themselves getting frustrated. Maximizing wireless coverage throughout the facility helps to ensure that communication is seamless and painless.      

Wireless connectivity is a matter of safety

In-building connectivity is more than a productivity booster. In emergency situations, first responders rely on radio and cellular networks to communicate life-saving information and instructions to their teams. While large, open concept office buildings are traditionally difficult to cover fully with a strong signal, doing so is imperative for complying with code requirements.  Regulations for public safety in-building wireless coverage are being adopted by jurisdictions across the country.  

How to Maximize Wireless Coverage in Your Open Floor Plan Office

The key to providing reliable, high-capacity wireless connectivity is to find the in-building wireless solution that works best for your facility. There are several technologies that are prepared to facilitate in-building wireless networks:

 Learn more about selecting the right in-building solution for your organization:

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The right in-building wireless solution for your office or building depends on many factors, including size, location, and capacity requirements. However, one thing is certain—The daily demand on facilities’ wireless networks is constantly increasing. The Internet of Things and our technology-driven lifestyles both play significant roles in this demand for greater bandwidth.

Strong, reliable wireless coverage is a must-have for any open floor plan office, whether you’re a building owner looking to retain tenants, or a business leader looking to boost productivity.   

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