ANS Team Members appointed to NATE-OSHA-FCC Partnership Task Force

January 24, 2023


What: NATE-OSHA-FCC Partnership Task Team

Who: Paul Fettuccia, President & CEO, Dave Bara, Safety Manager, and Denise Reed, Marketing Manager

The NATE-OSHA-FCC Partnership Task Team members contribute to safety driven solutions and awareness.

The NATE-OSHA-FCC Partnership provides participants the opportunity to work cooperatively with OSHA, FCC and other contractors, to identify the most serious workplace hazards, to develop workplace-appropriate safety and health management systems, to share resources, and to find effective ways to reduce work injuries, illness, and deaths.

The goals for this partnership are to eliminate fatalities and reduce serious injuries and illnesses, establish root causes of fatalities, injuries, and illness, develop, and implement best practices to eliminate the number of fatalities, injuries, and illness, develop and delivery training, communicate safety and health best practices within the industry and establish an effective evaluation strategy to ensure that the goals of the Partnership are met.

  • Paul Fettuccia, President & CEO - Data Collection Task Group
  • David Bara, Safety Manager - Editing Task Group
  • Denise Reed, Marketing Manager - Communications Task Group 

The number one priority of ANS Advanced Network Services is and always has been keeping our ANS Family Safe. As we continue to grow and expand our services and regional footprint, our safety priority has not shifted.   With 200+ employees today and new positions awaiting to be filled, our safety priority has not changed.  ANS continues to be an active participating member of the NATE Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability (STAR) Program. The NATE STAR Initiative is an exclusive program designed for members that would like to demonstrate a greater commitment to tower safety practices while recognizing industry best practices in safety and professionalism.

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