An Inside Look: ANS Safety Check

September 27, 2021

The number one priority of ANS Advanced Network Services is and always has been keeping our ANS Family Safe. As we continue to grow and expand our services and regional footprint, our safety priority has not shifted.   With 200+ employees today and new positions awaiting to be filled, our safety priority has not changed. Over 8 hours of safety training are required for each new employee upon onboarding, ensuring compliance with industry safety rules and regulations that ANS adheres to.

Out of 130+ employees that work in the field:

  • over 30 are OSHA 10 Hour Certified
  • over 60 are OSHA 30 Hour Certified
  • over 90 are trained in First Aid CPR AED
  • over 10 are TTT-1 Certified

These are just a few of the trainings and certifications that ANS administers for its employees. It is our mission and goal to continue working with our employees to keep growing these numbers.

On a re-occurring basis as required ANS’ safety manager distributes to all ANS employees a mandated resource (document, video etc.) on various safety topics such as near miss reporting, hand protection, suspension trauma to name a few. The content intent is to provide employees’ an opportunity to learn how to prevent a potential hazard before it occurs. All ANS employees’ have immediate access to the Employee Safety Manual, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), where all ANS policies and procedures are available and regularly updated.

*Note: All ANS company vehicles are equipped with the update manual.

ANS continues to be an active participating member of the NATE Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability (STAR) Program. The NATE STAR Initiative is an exclusive program designed for members that would like to demonstrate a greater commitment to tower safety practices while recognizing industry best practices in safety and professionalism.