ANS Advanced Network Services:  Temperature Detection Solution

May 18, 2020

As an authorized seller and integrator of the IntelliSite Human Based Monitoring (hBM) Product Solution, ANS is ready to provide organizations a reliable solution as part of reopening an organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges for Organizations

Although organizations have begun to re-open to normal foot traffic, they will need to ensure  employees, suppliers and customers entering the facility are doing so safely.  Many organizations are using a combination of testing, fever screening and contact tracing to create a safer environment for employees and customers.  As well as, implementing a protocol to ensure that those who do enter are adhering to social distancing recommendations.  This presents a labor-intensive challenge which can be extremely difficult to deploy based on venue size.

For larger venues and public facilities with multiple entrances, the ease and pace of monitoring human based temperature activity in order to avoid "bottlenecks" upon entrance(s) can be a challenge.   


IntelliSite’s Human Based Monitoring  (hBM) Product Solution recognizes elevated body temperatures in individuals to create actionable outcomes to protect your employees and customers.  IntelliSite developed its hBM system from software, hardware and connectivity technologies created since their inception in 2001. The hBM system combines four key technologies to provide safe and efficient temperature readings; thermal imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), managed services and personalized portals.

  • The system provides accurate temperature readings using a camera (FDA approved option) with two lenses, a color RGB (red, green, blue) lens and a thermographic lens, protecting those individuals performing the screenings. An alarm is triggered if a temperature is detected above the threshold.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to process data on-site without it having to be transmitted to the cloud.  
  • Provides managed services, which ensures that the remote agents will be able to provide system updates and related support to the hBM system as needed.
  • The personalized portal for managerial personnel allows administrators access to metrics activity.  

Combining the components of IntelliSite's hardware, connectivity by Cradlepoint and software, ANS completes the package by integrating the solution for customers on a case by case basis for each industries requirements. 


As retailers, schools, and other businesses re-open,  the availability of a single-source solution using a combination of thermal imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), managed services and personalized portals provides a practical safety measure.

Manual fever screening protocols often creates a huge bottleneck of individuals waiting to have their temperatures checked. This process is inefficient and also poses greater health risks for people not standing six feet apart while doing so. The ability to screen people for body temperature upon entrance (multi-access points) via camera with minimal contact limits possible exposure and creates an even flow of entrance while maintaining social distancing.

ANS provides a design, build, and managed services approach to its customers and partners, working with its customers to understand their needs, deploy a system custom tailored to their use, and provide ongoing support. 

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