ANS Advanced Network Services: U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program

November 06, 2020


ANS Advanced Network Services is proud to be an Army PaYS partner and to support the United States Army and our troops. We are honored to offer potential career opportunities to America's youth enlisting in the military as well as those currently deployed. 

The Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the US Army and a variety of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies. The program provides potential job opportunities to army recruits after completing service. PaYS is a unique program designed to prepare, train, and connect Soldiers to future employers. PaYS Soldiers are guaranteed a job interview with five PaYS partners of their choice after completing their training or first term of service.

Program Overview

The PaYS program is dependent on the participation and commitment of both soldier and employer. The PaYS soldier agrees to fulfill their Army obligation with the knowledge of a guaranteed interview with a PaYS Partner. Soldiers who participate in the program can develop valuable skills and experience in addition to building relationships with organizations that understand the value of their military service.

Industry Transition

Opportunities offered by PaYS partners are paired with candidates based on their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), by recruiters who set up the interview process. There are a variety of MOS options that can transition into a telecommunications career at ANS, such as radio, teletype support, microwave communications, and radar to name a few. The experience with specific equipment, technical knowledge and the ability to work in specific environments such as on a 200 ft. communication tower can transition well into the telecom industry.  ANS offers two specific entry level positions each providing a successful career path:

PaYS Partner Qualifications

The process of becoming a PaYS partner is an extensive and thorough one in order to ensure accepted partners meet specific qualifications that the U.S. Army has set to provide the most ideal opportunities possible.

PaYS requires that the businesses they partner with are established companies and/or public sector agencies with trusted reputations. They also mandate that the company has full-time permanent employment options open for candidates. ANS possesses these two qualifications with ease despite being a smaller company with under 200 employees. Typically, PaYS's ideal partner company size is targeted at 250 employees, however, ANS presented a unique opportunity for recruits in the telecom industry. ANS’s consistent growth, opportunities, and stellar reputation within the telecom industry proved to be an ideal asset for the Army PaYS program.

Why Partner with PaYS?

  • Create a pipeline of quality employment candidates with a positive work ethic
  • Guaranteed quantity of ideal candidate interviews
  • Public recognition as a Veteran friendly employer
  • Ability to participate in community partner events
  • Ability to offer and present a skilled opportunity with a proven career path
  • Obtain referrals to other Dept. of Defense employment programs

Building Reliable Connections

This phrase is more than just a tagline for ANS — it is how our company operates and communicates with our customers, employees, and communities. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships, high-quality service, and meeting diverse needs. 

The telecommunication industry is rapidly evolving with new technologies to meet expanding infrastructures.   ANS continues to expand it's workforce with qualified candidates.  ANS strives to be a leader in new technologies and knowledge provider to serve each customer the right solution based on specific needs.  If you would like to learn more about the Army PaYS program or are interested in working for ANS, reach out to our Recruiter Christopher Medlar at