ANS Advanced Network Services 10 Minutes With iGR

September 25, 2020

Paul Fettuccia joins a 10 minute interview with Iain Gillott, President of iGR.

Iain Gillott, the founder and president of iGR, is an acknowledged wireless and mobile industry authority and an accomplished presenter. Mr. Gillott has been involved in the wireless industry, as both a vendor and analyst, for more than 26 years. iGR was founded in 2000 as iGillottResearch, Inc. in order to provide in-depth market analysis and data focused exclusively on the wireless and mobile industry, and now, on the move from 4G LTE to 5G.

Recently, Iain reached out to ANS for a scheduled interview with Paul Fettuccia, President.  Paul discussed ANS's history, his professional background as well as current key services and a peak into the future.  Thank you for this opportunity Iain, we appreciate being a part of your selected library of interviews.

ANS' 4 driving principals during this uncertain time in todays world:

  • Keep everyone in ANS safe
  • Preserve jobs
  • Meet our customers’ demands
  • Continue to invest in ANS