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A NY Metro Area Power Plant Transitions from Distributed to Centralized DC Power

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Location: NY Metro
Date: TBD
Customer: Major Wireless Carrier

Project Overview:

The project involved transitioning two large power plants from distributed architecture to centralized architecture. ANS‘ role was to engineer, furnish and install all materials required for a seamless transition. We developed a meticulously detailed scope of work with a step-by-step approach that ensured a seamless transition from distributed to centralized architecture. The installation team installed 10,000 Amp external Main Charge Busbars and respective cabling for each power plant and transitioned multiple Distribution bays and battery strings without incident.


The challenges in transitioning power plants from distributed architecture to centralized architecture are numerous. The primary challenge is ensuring that the power system remains balanced throughout the process with enough rectification and battery capacity to all the connected Distribution bays during the transition. ANS overcame this challenge by transitioning Distribution bays and batteries strings in stages to ensure the system remained balanced throughout the process. The other challenge was to reduce future capital expenditures as power plant capacity changes. ANS addressed this by cabling the Distribution bays and battery strings to optimize the charge current, minimize voltage drop, and ensure that the power plant capacity remains balanced, reducing future capital expenditures.


ANS demonstrated exceptional expertise in orchestrating a flawless transition from Distributed Architecture to Centralized Architecture for two large -48V power plants. The cornerstone of this success was the meticulously crafted step-by-step scope of work, precisely detailing every facet of the transition process. The installation team executed this plan with precision, installing 10,000Amp external Main Charge Busbars and the corresponding cabling for each power plant.

The result was a seamless transition that included the successful migration of multiple Distribution bays and battery strings, all achieved without incident. This achievement showcases ANS Engineering's commitment to delivering excellence in engineering solutions, ensuring the power plants are now poised for enhanced efficiency and reliability in their centralized configuration.

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