NYSWA Forum 2022 - Opening Reception

September 25, 2022

When: September 15, 2022

What:  New York State Wireless Association Forum 2022 Opening Reception  - Night Owl 

Where: Night Owl, Saratoga Springs NY


The NYSWA Wireless Forum 2022 kicked off the with a networking event at the Night Owl in Saratoga Springs, NY.  The social event included telecom industry members enjoying a relaxing yet lively setting outdoors under the stars.  Paul Fettuccia, President of NYSWA lead the event welcoming all those who traveled to attend this year's Forum.  Moments after the wireless industry "Band Plan", band took center stage and performed in the true NYSWA band tradition.  ANS Team members, Angelo Ligorio, Brendan Delaney, Brian Jeavons, Dale Snyder, Eric Bankus, Paul Fettuccia, Denise Reed and Matthew Chee, VP M&A Charge Enterprises attended.

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