ANS Sponsors EV Charging Infrastructure US 2022 - New York City

By: Kimberly Hyndman | August 03, 2022

When: October 5 - 6, 2022

What: EV Charging Infrastructure US

Where: The Westin New York Grand Central, New York City, New York

Who: Paul Fettuccia, President & CEO

As a sponsor, ANS Advanced Network Services President & CEO, Paul Fettuccia will speak at the EV Charging Infrastructure in NY on Day 1 during the Next-Gen Solutions Session. This event features a variety of different panelists, from some of the industry's biggest leaders. The 2-day event event provides professionals with the opportunity to learn more about industry innovations as well as to network with other knowledgeable experts. The event aims to discuss plans and programs to strengthen the EV infrastructure nationally.  

More details to come.

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Posted on August 03, 2022 updated on August 03, 2022