Connected Real Estate Virtual Tech Conference 2020

By: Denise Reed | April 15, 2020

ANS Co-Sponsors with Cradlepoint 


When: April 22nd & 23rd

Where: Virtual / Remote

What: Virtual Conference & Panel Discussion, Brendan Delaney, Director of In-Building                Wireless

ANS Gold sponsors with Cradlepoint for a virtual conference to include virtual booth, video's, content, live chats and more!  Meet many telecom industry companies remotely!  This is a FREE event for all!

CBRS‐ The future of private networks that you can own

Kurt JacobsKurt Jacobs
Participants: MGM Properties
Andy CleggAndy Clegg
Participants: Google
Bob GesselBob Gessel
Participants: Ericsson
Brendan DelaneyBrendan Delaney
Participants: ANS
Ron MaoRon Mao
Participants: Baicells

Sponsored by ANS Advanced Network Services

CBRS provides a perfect opportunity for building owners to own and monetize their in building wireless systems. Hear from a number of industry experts from both Real Estate owners and wireless on how CBRS can be perfect solution you can own.

CBRS- the future of private networks that you can own (1)

What does the 5G rollout really look like so far

Sponsored by Ericsson

Peter LinderPeter Linder
Participants: Ericsson
Luke LucasLuke Lucas
Participants: Tmobile
Roger BillingsRoger Billings
Participants: Cradle Point
Todd LandryTodd Landry
Participants: JMA

Sponsored by Ericsson

Headlines are appearing almost weekly around some kind of 5G milestone. What does all this mean in reality, what exactly are the carriers doing and offering, and ultimately, how does 5G impact in‐building connectivity opportunities for the enterprise, users, and a rapidly growing list of smart devices. Where are we carrier by carrier in the 5G rollout?

Posted on April 15, 2020 updated on January 24, 2022