Why Your Tower and Cell Site Needs Regular Maintenance

September 23, 2022 2 minute read

A cell tower technician conducting tower and cell site maintenance.

Wireless carriers, tower owners, and telecom-equipment manufacturers need comprehensive tower maintenance services to prolong tower longevity and uncover issues that may hinder compliance and functionality. While some damage is unavoidable, many potential cell tower problems can be avoided before they start.

Let’s define tower maintenance and repair services before diving deeper into why regular maintenance is essential.

What is Tower and Cell Site Maintenance?

Experienced technicians and electricians conduct tower and cell site maintenance to help keep structures safe, operational, and compliant. Tower maintenance services are typically custom-built for each customer based on their specific needs. Cell tower maintenance and repair services typically include:

Top Reasons You Need Regular Tower and Cell Site Maintenance

Here are a few reasons why wireless carriers, tower owners, and telecom-equipment manufacturers must schedule regular tower maintenance.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Tower owners need to schedule regular tower and cell site maintenance to meet compliance standards, including TIA-222-G. Failure to comply can result in costly fines and even license revocation. TIA standards require maintenance at the following intervals:

  • Guyed towers - Once every three years.
  • Self-supporting towers - Once every five years.

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TIA standards require the following towers to undergo more frequent maintenance:

  • Towers that pose a substantial hazard to human life
  • Towers with the potential to damage property in the event of failure
  • Towers used primarily for essential communications
  • Towers located in coastal regions or corrosive environments
  • Towers subjected to frequent vandalism
  • Towers with weather damage or after severe seismic events

A qualified telecom tower construction company will quickly deploy NATE-certified climbers to identify structural deficiencies and resolve issues to ensure regulatory compliance.

Prolong Tower Longevity

Downtime related to telecom tower defects can be costly. Routine maintenance is key to ensuring tower integrity and longevity, as strong storms, fires, vandalism, or other extreme conditions can result in structural damage, electronic malfunctions, and missing hardware.

For example, when a tower is subjected to intense thunderstorms and strong winds, obstacles may shift and cause signal interference. Even if the tower is still transmitting and operational, the signal may not be at its full strength. Regular tower maintenance after extreme events helps prevent catastrophic damage and prolong tower longevity.

Ensure Peak Performance with Complete Tower Maintenance Services

Routine cell tower maintenance is essential and will help uncover issues that may complicate compliance and functionality. Wireless carriers, tower owners, and telecom-equipment manufacturers should partner with an experienced telecom tower construction company for all cell tower maintenance and repairs. Certified climbers will quickly identify and remedy problems to minimize downtime and ensure compliance with OSHA and TIA codes.

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