ANS Advanced Network Services Channel Partner Program

August 12, 2020 2 minute read

What is a Channel Partner Program?

A channel partner program is a strategy to motivate and engage channel partners to create more value for customers.

Symbiosis is defined as “a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups”. It is a process that allows these different people or groups to combine resources, ideas, and in this case, leads, so that both parties can reap the benefits of a partnership with one another.

The ANS Advanced Network Services channel partner program was created with these ideals in mind. Our goal is to provide additional products and services to our partners, allowing them to expansively serve their existing customer base as well as bring new customers into their revenue stream. 

Our channel partner industries include but are not limited to: In-Building Wireless, DC/AC Power Systems, IoT, and Network Infrastructure. Take a look at our news page to search through recent ANS news updates including recently acquired partners.

Components of the Program

  • Sales & Marketing - ANS provides partners with ANS co-branded sales and marketing collateral to assist them in identifying and qualifying leads.
  • Education & Training Programs - ANS provides a mix of instructor-led, on-site, and remote sales training for all. All partners have the option to receive sales training at the beginning of their partnership and can request additional training through their Channel Manager.
  • Sales Support – All partners are assigned a single point of contact within ANS to answer questions, provide support, and act as a liaison between ANS and the partner.
  • Events - ANS provides opportunities to potentially collaborate in various trade shows, webinars, and conferences.

Types of Partners

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are committed to bringing ANS services to their respective markets but prefer to have ANS engage directly with their prospects and clients beginning with the sales process and ending with a successful implementation. Referral Partners identify and provide the ANS direct sales team with qualified leads and are rewarded with a rebate when the deal closes with the client. At this level, all services are branded as ANS, who develop an independent relationship with the client.

Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners prefer to provide white label ANS services to their respective markets,
allowing for the protection of brand identity. Reseller Partners typically have a developed sales process and sales team capable of selling ANS services directly, requiring technical and quoting support from ANS. The partner purchases services from ANS and resells to the client. ANS services are partner branded and the partner maintains the relationship with the client.

Speak with an ANS Team Member Today

With the support of ANS’s sales, marketing, engineering, and operations teams we can position our partners to effectively gather and qualify new business. We are committed to securing a relationship with each partner by, educating your sales force on ANS’s services and product lines, combined with collaborating closely as a team to create a competitive bid package. Thus, establishing a “win-win” result for both parties.

If you would like to learn more about our program, reach out to an ANS Team member today.