Make your facility future-ready with innovative in-building wireless solutions. Improve wireless performance and connectivity for employees, building tenants and patrons with turnkey in-building wireless installation services. ANS provides complete in-building wireless solutions, from initial assessment through project completion. Get started and create the wireless system you need to optimize your facility or campus.

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ANS delivers turnkey services to address your in-building wireless issues, from the initial needs assessment, benchmarking and design, through to the commissioning and acceptance of the project. Thus, we provide you with an optimized wireless system with ubiquitous coverage to your facility or campus. With 20+ years of experience in the design and installation of communications networks, ANS has the skill and experience to design, build, and maintain carrier and public safety systems for the most complex of environments.

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WiFi networks are universal in office buildings, enterprises and public venues, however today’s wireless needs outstrip the capabilities of many legacy WiFi networks. The move from emails don web browsing to an emphasis on mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), streaming video, and smart buildings has led us to a very complex wireless environment.

Issues with connectivity, coverage, poor bandwidth, or high latency can affect voice services, video quality and cause a great deal of frustration for employees or tenants. ANS can assess the existing network, make recommendations to settings or equipment, and help guide you through the network optimization or upgrade process.

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Public Safety

In an emergency situation where a matter of seconds can mean the difference between life or death, every tool at the first responder’s disposal must be absolutely reliable. An In-Building Public Safety Communications System is a wireless communications system supporting the radio systems used by first responder and emergency services personnel to prevent or respond to incidents or situations that pose a threat to people or property. It ensures that radio signals are able to penetrate into all areas of buildings, including areas that are especially difficult for RF to penetrate such as stairwells, elevators, basements, and mechanical spaces.

ANS deploys reliable and highly customized public safety in-building solutions based on the spectrum environment (what radio frequencies are used locally by first responders), building parameters (wall types and thickness, as well as other building materials), and the local authority having jurisdiction’s (AHJ) code requirements.

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