Whether planning a new plant or upgrading an existing one, build your project on assurance and reliability. ANS has a fully dedicated DC Power EF&I team to provide engineering, installation, testing, and maintenance to equipment in the telecommunications and utility industries. We become your guides and partners through the entire lifecycle of your project, from project management and site engineering to testing and maintenance for the safety and security of your network.

Our Services

Engineering & Installation

Turnkey Engineering & Installation Services


ANS DC Power experts are capable of the most complex EF&I projects. Our experience includes design, installation and commissioning services for major wireless and wireline carriers, cable providers, commercial enterprises and in conjunction with a number of major equipment and battery manufacturers. If you are planning the construction of a new plant, or the upgrade of an existing one our team of experienced project professionals can manage the process from start to finish.

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Site and Detail Engineering

Develop scope of work and installation specification including bill of materials, cable running lists, grounding specifications and update of customer drawings in any format.

Quality Audit

All design and installation completed to Telecordia GR1275 and/or customer/manufacturer specific standards


Power plant and battery additions, replacements, removals and relocations; DC bus-duct additions; BDFB and BDCBB additions and upgrades; UPS additions; load transfers

Environmental Build-Out

Ironwork, cable ladder racking, equipment rooms.

Material Procurement Logistics

Project Management

Test & Turn-Up


As with any high-performance technology, your system requires proper testing and monitoring coupled with timely, proactive corrective action to ensure top performance.

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Among the services that our skilled technical staff can provide are:

Battery Capacity Testing


Identify potential power interrupting areas

Connection Inspection

Check all mechanical crimp type connections

Alarm Verifications

Test local and remote alarms

Controller Set Points

Ensure that DC Power Plant is configured to customer set points and thresholds

Power Plant Maintenance



Our customized maintenance programs are designed first and foremost with the safety and security of your network in mind. We want to be your single point-of-contact for all of your maintenance needs. All of our maintenance programs include customized reports and documentation that you need for proper network planning.

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The features of our programs include:

Capacity and Back-Up Power Analysis

Rectifier and battery status

Equipment Inventory and Audit

Manufacturer, specification, serial and model numbers

Drawing Purification

Front elevations, wiring lists, schematics and floor plans

Thermal Scan Analysis

All cable connections and system components

Equipment Condition Reports

AC and DC Distribution Updates

Solution Brief

Major Facility Upgrade Includes DC Power Plant Expansion

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