Turnkey Private Wireless Network Solutions

Address your hard to solve wireless challenges with a private wireless network today

ANS offers a consultative and complete managed service for CBRS-based private 4G and 5G wireless networks. Starting with an upfront assessment of your needs and use cases, the ANS team will work with you through the entire project lifecycle of consulting, designing, procuring, deploying, commissioning, and operating. Our involvement throughout the process is based on the bandwidth and capabilities of your team to solve problems and avoid leaving your team with more challenges. 

How We Help You:

  • Needs assessment
  • Private 4G and 5G network design
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Program and project management
  • Installation services
  • Network commissioning
  • Use case integration
  • Network core, radio, and endpoint monitoring
  • Dashboard and KPI's
  • Maintenance and repair

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