Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS)

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ANS provides complete ERRCS services for new construction and existing facilities, including design, installation, annual testing, maintenance, and monitoring services. Certified engineers will guide you through the deployment process and ensure every ERRCS complies with NFPA 1221, IFC Section 510, and other applicable AHJ regulations.

How we help you:

  • Initial review
  • Design and site survey
  • Carrier coordination
  • Equipment installation
  • Annual testing and recertification
  • Preventative maintenance
  • DAS monitoring software implementation

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ERRCS for Buildings of All Shapes and Sizes

ANS has experience designing and deploying ERRCS projects for complex environments, including:

Multi-Use Properties

Multi-Use Properties

Stadiums and arenas

Stadiums and Arenas

Educational institutions

Educational Institutions

Malls and retail centers

Malls and Retail Centers

Hotels and hospitality venues

Hotels and Hospitality Venues

High-rise commercial buildings

High-Rise Commercial Buildings

Is Your Facility Meeting Public Safety DAS Requirements?